Summer Snowboarding Camp

Most kids reach a plateau with snowboarding at some point and a Summer snowboarding camp may be just the thing to help them leap to the next level. Your child's snowboarding skills mght be perfectly sufficient to get down the mountain, and they may even be able to perform some basic tricks, but the next level seems to be just out of reach. If this is the case for your child, you might want to consider sending them to one of the many Summer snowboarding camps that have popped up across the United States in the past 10 years. Even just one week of intense practice will usually result in a drastic improvement. And, on top of that, Summer snowboarding camp is just plain fun!

All professional snowboarders have one thing in common: each attended various snowboarding camps prior to acquiring sponsors. These camps are a key rung in the ladder towards launching a riding career, for various reasons. If nothing else, the skills your child will learn are necessary for the next step. Apart from that, the networking that occurs at these camps is crucial to progressing along the path towards becoming a professional.

Of course, the majority of the kids attending won't be in it for the glory of sponsorship; they're just looking to pick up new tricks and improve their form. Camps generally aren't very competitive, especially outside of the top ranks. Everyone wants to have a good time, and that's not hard to do with great snow and even better instructors. Indeed, your child will likely have just as much fun off the mountain as they do in it. Lifelong friendships are often forged over the course of one short camp.

When and Where are the best Snowboarding Camps

These snowboarding camps are held throughout the year, but many kids attend during summer vacation. There aren't many camps open during August, so if your son or daughter wants to hit the slopes in the height of summer, the options are limited to peaks over 12,000 feet that have snow year round. The alternative would be a location in South America or New Zealand, but Americans attending these camps usually have hefty sponsorship checks to pay for the plane ticket.

The two most popular programs in the US are Whistler Summer Snowboard Camp (outside of Vancouver, Canada) and High Cascade Snowboard Camp (also known as Mount Hood Snowboard Camp.) Both of these camps are renowned for their high quality instructors; a typical camp session is likely to include a world-record holding pro. With this kind of quality comes a fairly steep price tag. A five day session will run at least $1,200 dollars (though that includes food and lodging too).

Attending a Summer snowboarding camp can be one of the most effective ways for your child to improve his or her riding. A week at one of these phenomenal sessions is worth a couple of seasons of practice. Whether your kid wants to learn the basics or become a half pipe master, improvement is within reach.

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