Snowboarding Injuries

Are your worried about the potential for snowboarding injuries? Snowboarding is one of the most fulfilling activities for your child to participate in during the cold winter. Rather than being stuck inside a stuffy gymnasium, the mountain represents a chance to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. At the same time though, you might be worried about how to keep your kids safe on the slopes? In reality, snowboarding isn't more dangerous than any other sport, as long as you follow some simple guidelines.

We'll break this down into two sections that will help protect your little rider from any serious snowboarding crashes.


If your kid takes up snowboarding early, you can have a ton of impact on their behavior. Make sure to start them slow with the basics, always emphasizing control over speed. The latter can come later. You may even want to consider hiring a professional to give lessons, at least at first. Even if you're a seasoned skier or snowboarder, your kid will likely identify more easily with a younger, “cooler” rider. Don't forget to tell the instructor that snowboarding safety is important to you and that they'll need to spend a bit of extra time on; it's not like your kid will ask!

Older children are a bit of a different story. Maybe it's just the rebelliousness of the teenage years, but children between 13 and 17 suffer more snowboarding injuries than any other demographic. For that reason, you'll want to pay special attention if your kids fall under this category. There's no surefire way to impress upon them the importance of safety on the slopes - but that doesn't mean you should avoid the conversation. In particular, make sure they know that Out of Bounds areas are OFF-LIMITS! The risk of avalanche in these parts can be quite high, and ski patrol doesn't maintain surveillance.

Safety Equipment

There's a myriad of equipment you can pick up to keep your kids safe. You should probably start with a helmet; concussions are one of the most frequent snowboarding injuries. Helmets start at about 80 dollars, but it's an investment that is well worth it when you consider how precious your loved ones are. Besides helmets, other safety gear is slowly making its way into the scene, including wrist guards and knee pads. In many peoples' opinion, this is overkill. In reality, a helmet and good, sturdy clothing should suffice.

Lastly, you need to be sure your kids are actually wearing the stuff you've bought! If they leave the helmet at home, your money has been wasted, and they're unprotected. It may not be “cool” to wear protective gear, but it sure is necessary.

Explain the hazards of not following the rules (wearing helmet, staying in the allowed areas,…), tell them the consequences (in YOUR family), and be prepared to implement the punishment if need be. Being grounded from the slopes for some time may help them remember to follow your rules going forward.

These are the basic steps to keeping your child safe on the mountain. The most important thing is attitude-if they realize that snowboarding can be both fun and safe at the same time, that shouldn't be a problem! Snowboarding safety comes before everything else, because one serious snowboarding injury can mean an end to the fun times the sport provides.

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