Safari for Kids

People don't usually think of a safari for kids when they think of a Safari through Africa. There are a lot of false assumptions that people have about a safari. For instance, that it's dangerous, it's rugged and demanding physically, and that it's only for adults with a lot of money. Perhaps only that last element has any real truth to it ;-) Safaris can be expensive, but the assumption that children aren't allowed is completely false.

There is no such thing as a Safari for kids alone, like a summer camp for kids or museum-day for kids, but children are very much welcome on family safaris. In fact, taking your child on a Safari through Africa will be perhaps the most enriching and rewarding experience of their young lives.

It is strongly suggested that you find a Safari that is specially geared toward families. Generally, this will mean more spacious accommodations, and special amenities that cater to children of various ages. South Africa is a wonderful place to take an independent Safari, by renting your own car and navigating the exciting and adventurous roads. There are plenty of wildlife parks, cultural sites, and stunning natural scenery that will instill in your children a love and appreciation for the outdoors and other cultures.

Don't Go It Alone

If you're looking for a kid-friendly safari that will take you into the heart of Africa, you definitely can't go it alone. Find a Safari that caters to the age and ability of your children. Every family Safari has age restrictions, and many do not accept very young children for safety issues. This is especially true for specialized Safaris that focus on canoeing and walking, as these tasks would be more difficult for children under 12.

Understand that there are also age restrictions in many of the wildlife viewing parks throughout Africa, simply because it isn't safe for small children to be in close proximity to wild animals in their natural habitat.

All that being said, when you find a Safari for kids that suits your entire family, there are some things you can do to further enhance your children's pleasure and learning experience. Bring binoculars for your children to more easily view the wild animals. This seems to be the most exciting part of a Safari for kids. Children get great joy and thrill out of viewing exotic animals in their natural habitat.

It's smart to find a tour that houses you in a family lodge. This kind of lodge would be equipped with 24 hour snacks and refreshments, baby sitting options, and a nurse or infirmary nearby. Try to stay at a lodge with a pool and playground.

A Safari for kids will surely earn you the parent of the year award. It's easier to take your child to the local beach town or amusement park, but when you travel across the world to bring your children to Africa, you're being much more daring, and no doubt, hoping this effort will pay off in the rich experience that your children will remember for a lifetime. Take heart; it certainly will.

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