Safari Animals

One of the biggest draws for an African Safari is the wild game. Safari animals are some of the most extraordinary creatures that you will find in the world. There are many wild animals exotic and frightening from mammals to birds, insects to fish. Africa has an amazing array of these gorgeous creatures, including the famous "Big 5" that are a real selling point for any African Safari.

The wildlife reserves are huge tourist destinations in Africa, and that's where you'll find the Big 5 safari animals; lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo. These amazing beasts may not all be seen on the same trip, as some are harder to find than others. Take for instance the leopard. Due to their camouflaged coats and nocturnal sleeping habits, these are a treasure to watch when you're lucky enough to see one. If you cross paths with one, on the other hand, you're probably not so lucky.

Sometimes it's the little safari creatures that are even more fascinating than the big famous beasts. Watching the wonderful dance of frogs, ants, spiders, and bats is thrilling and awe-inspiring.

That being said, there is something shocking and heartening about viewing the giant beasts like the elephant or rhino. These grand creatures are native to Africa, and watching them in their natural habitat beats any zoo. Wildlife parks in Africa will most likely take you on a truck tour with a lot of other people, or they also have smaller tours if you have more money to spend.

Safari Wildlife Tours

These tours to see Safari animals are very safe and well-conducted in most cases. It's great when you also have a driver or tour guide that can expertly explain the lives and habits of each of these individual animals. It's when you match knowledge and experience with these animals that you begin to get a sense of the fascinating and life-affirming "circle of life" that exists in their natural world, as well as our own.

A good tour guide will be able to explain eating, sleeping, and living habits of many species of bird, mammal, and insect. They'll also be able to explain how these lives intersect, and how they are beautifully supported by their ecosystem.

The best places in Africa to see the Big 5 game animals are Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. These countries in particular are ripe with these wonderful creatures, so your opportunities to get a peak are better.

Aside from the Big 5 safari animals, you also want to keep your eyes peeled for other wonderful animals that call Africa their home. These iconic figures are synonymous with the beauty of Africa and include giraffes, hippos, zebras, warthogs, wildebeests, as well as a delightful array of gazelles, antelopes, and countless species of bird.

You can't go wrong when you find a wildlife-oriented Safari in Africa. An animal Safari is a huge success with families, and they're sure to offer you beauty and insight into the natural cycle of the world.

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