List of Snowboarding Tricks

Now that you've got the basics down, it's time to move on to the fun stuff. That's separated into two categories: shredding down the mountain at top speed, and hitting the terrain park for some rails and jumps. The best thing about terrain parks is that they don't require a ton of snow, so whether you're at the largest resort in the world or a rinky-dink little ski hill, you'll be able to practice. These skills are especially appealing to younger riders, because you can only go down the same mountain so many times. When you add jumps and rail slides to the mix, a whole new world of fun is yours for the taking.

Before we go any further, it's important to note that these snowboarding tricks should only be attempted by riders wearing helmets. Some folks still take to the hill without the proper protection, but most snowboarders have realized that safety is no joke. A slight fall can turn into a serious injury if the proper precautions aren't taken. To end this little lecture: make sure you and your family wear helmets, especially in the terrain park.

The Ollie

Let's start with jumps. The ollie is the most basic maneuver on our list of snowboarding tricks, and it's a great place to start. An "ollie" is simply the act of leaving the ground. Practice on flat ground: just jump a few inches, and practice a soft, smooth landing. Once you feel comfortable, find a secluded spot on the bunny hill, and build a tiny little jump. Don't make it anything extravagant. Hit it at low speed, gaining a bit of momentum with every successful landing. The key to a smooth landing (especially as you begin jumping higher and faster) is catching the back edge, and bending your knees to absorb the shock. After you begin consistently landing, head to the terrain park for the next step in your tutorial.

Ollies are the basic maneuver behind every trick in the air. From the basic ollie, the list of snowboarding tricks expands into grabs, spins, flips, and freestyle hucks that others haven't even dreamed of. That's part of the beauty of snowboarding-it's a way to express yourself as you fly through the air.

Air to Fakie

A great way to progress from the simple ollie is moving on to an "air to fakie". This is pretty much just an ollie with a 180-degree rotation. When you land, you'll be riding switch, or opposite from your normal stance. In other words, if you normally ride down the mountain with your back facing left, when you land switch, your back will now be towards the right.

Ride the Rails

Once you've got your aerial tricks down, try to ride some rails. The wider the rail the easier it will be to ride, so start on the super-wide, gently sloped rail sections that allow some room for error. Before you get onto the rails, you'll want to make sure that your board has been waxed-that lets you glide over the rail like butter. Landing off rails is more or less the same as it is for jumping. Make sure to keep your legs loose to absorb the impact as you hit the ground, and you should hit the landing perfectly.

This is just a short list of snowboarding tricks, and represents the basics. From here, you can expand to more specialized moves-those are the funky ones with names like the rodeo flip, stalefish, and crossbone method air. Once you get the simple background maneuvers down, you're just short steps away from mastering the more complex, wild hucks that will make jaws drop.

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