Shopping for Kids Snowboards

Thinking about getting kids snowboards this year? The winter is kind of a dead time for kid's sports. Apart from hockey, organized athletics comes to a halt as the days get shorter and the thermometer drops. If you want to keep your kids active, you'll need to come up with an alternative method of exercise. One of the most fulfilling you'll find is snowboarding. Kids love shredding the mountain, it's great exercise, and your whole family can enjoy quality time spent together. Here are some tips for getting the gear that will get your child started.

Rent or Buy

This is a tough question, and there's no right answer that applies to everyone. After all, your child could ride the lift up once only to find that snowboarding isn't right for them. Alternatively, that first run could be the beginning of a long, positive relationship with the sport. Your best bet is to find a happy medium by renting for your first few trips to the mountain. Snowboard shops generally have "demos" for rent; these are some of the latest designs and styles on the market. Rent this equipment, and your kids will feel great knowing they're riding on the latest and greatest kids snowboards.

Timing Your Purchase

There's a right time to buy kids snowboard equipment, and a wrong time. Just like any other purchase, the law of supply and demand governs this. At the beginning of winter, prices are sky-high as everyone and their grandmother comes in to buy gear. On the other hand, once March rolls around, $1,000 boards turn into $400 boards. Stretch your dollar by picking up equipment when it's on sale.

Consider a Package

Snowboarding equipment is generally purchased as separate components, rather than a package. Kids snowboards, however, are available as a full set, including boots, bindings, and board. You may want to consider going this route as it could save you a significant amount of money. This is especially true for younger children. As your kids turn into teens, they'll discover for themselves exactly which products work for them (and, hopefully, use their own money to upgrade their gear!

Kids Snowboards and Safety

Your kids will need the basic components to get on the mountain: boots, bindings, board. Of course, you'll need to keep your wallet open a bit longer, because safety equipment and warm clothing is just as important. Make sure to pick up the kids snowboard gear that will protect your children in case of a fall-helmets and wrist guards.

Pulling the Trigger (Where to Buy Kids Snowboards)

This boils down to three choices: on the mountain, in a shop near home, or on the Net.

  • On the Mountain: Likely the most expensive place to make a purchase, you'll want to avoid mountain ski shops at all costs. It's kind of like buying popcorn at the movie theater; the concession stand knows it has you, so they feel free to jack the price up.
  • A Shop Near Home: This is the middle ground, and if you look hard, you're sure to find some great deals. Salespeople are generally quite knowledgeable. Make sure to ask for the guy or girl in the shop who regularly hits the mountain.
  • The World Wide Web: This is where you'll find the best prices. Of course, you don't have the benefit of trying items out before you charge your credit card. Most sites have solid return policies, but make sure to check beforehand!

Buying snowboarding equipment for your kids can be a great way to bond. The gear you buy doesn't have to be the best, or most expensive (and those are often two distinct characteristics). Instead, look for that perfect spot where your budget and the best gear come together. You're sure to pick up a board that's perfect for your child's needs.

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