Kids Hiking Gear

Buying some quality kids hiking gear can really help ensure your family hiking experiences are always positive. All the best hiking trips come when you're well prepared and that goes doubly when you're hiking with kids. Figuring out your route and getting hold of some good maps is just one part of the preparation, but making sure your whole family has everything they need is very important too.

Family hiking vacations have been getting more and more popular over the past few years as families realize the great benefits of being out in the fresh air and getting plenty of exercise. A decade or so ago it would have been almost unheard of to find a store which stocks kids hiking gear, but now it's a different story!

Hiking Boots are just a start

Kids hiking boots are just one of the kid-specific products you can buy these days. In fact, there's so much available that our kids are likely to be better prepared than we are when it comes to hiking!

So just what can you buy in the kids hiking gear line? As mentioned, kids hiking boots are available to buy, and are found in numerous stores, not just specialist outdoor stores. Other gear includes kid's walking sticks for hiking, and specially designed kid's backpacks. Then of course there are all the clothing lines available – jackets, pants, hats and more.

But how much of this kids hiking gear do your kids really need? It probably comes down to personal preference more than anything, but will also largely depend on where you're hiking and what sort of terrain and weather conditions you're likely to come across. As we said above, the best family hiking experiences come when you're well prepared, and getting caught out in a storm is never fun if you don't have waterproof clothing with you.

Layers of hiking-appropriate, breathable clothing are ideal since, when you're in the great outdoors, you can easily go from hot to cold to hot again in one afternoon. As already mentioned, a top layer that's waterproof is important for most hiking locations. A wide-brimmed hat, made of breathable fabric, can really help with sun protection as well as protecting from rain, cold, bird droppings,... Sunglasses and sunscreen may be appropriate, depending on your hiking location. In fact, sunscreen is generally a good idea for any outdoor activity unless you're absolutely assured of being in the shade 100% of the time.

A kids backpack, for each child, is also a good idea for family hikes. If your kids have their own backpacks, it means they have something which they must take responsibility of. It will also discourage them from bringing unnecessary items with them on the hike if they realize they will have to carry them!

Kids backpacks come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular in recent years is the hydration backpacks. These contain a pouch which you fill with water and a length of tube which comes round to your front that you can easily put in your mouth for instant hydration. The benefit with these kids backpacks is that you don't have to worry about carrying a bottle and stopping to take the backpack off every time you want to drink something. This method appeals to kids because it's quite good fun drinking through a long straw which means they're more likely to keep themselves well hydrated throughout the hike.

whether you use hydration packs or water bottles, we can't stress enough the importance of having sufficient water when hiking. This should be considered your most important necessity when considering adult and kids hiking gear.

Walking Sticks for Kids? Over-the-top or a good idea?

You may think that buying walking sticks for kids hiking is a bit over the top, but as well as being a helpful aid for your children, kids walking sticks can also be great fun and very useful. Hiking sticks are now being made more practical as they come with options such as a compass, a whistle and a bear bell, and some even come with a screw to attach your camera to for steadier shots!

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