Kids Hiking Boots

Before you set out on a family hike, make sure everyone in the family has a good pair of hiking boots, especially the kids hiking boots, as the last thing you want is kids with blisters and sore feet!

But their feet just keep growing!

I know, when you have kids who are growing you don't want to buy expensive kids hiking shoes or boots because, in no time at all, they will have outgrown them. But believe me, you want your kids to be as comfortable as possible. Otherwise, it ruins the whole family hiking experience. Buying a good pair of kids hiking boots needn't be too expensive either. If you shop around you can usually find some great deals.

Since other parents just like you have bought hiking boots for kids who eventually outgrew them, you can have good luck with used or borrowed boots as well. Try Goodwill, eBay, or a quick e-mail around your neighborhood first. Just make sure they're not overly worn-out, because boots without good soles can do more damage to your child's feet than just having them wear simple sneakers.

What kind?

Before you start looking, think about what kind of kids hiking shoes you want to buy as they come in many different shapes and sizes with a variety of different features. If you know what sort of terrain you're likely to be hiking on this will help. For example, will it be rocky, or a soft forest floor with plenty of tree roots? Will you be going through any creeks? If so, would a pair of kids waterproof hiking boots or hiking sandals (like our favorite brand - Keens) be better? These are the kind of questions you should be asking yourself before you start looking.

Where to buy?

The next question is, where do you buy hiking boots for kids? Well, you'll find that more and more stores are stocking these products now, so this may actually be an easier task than you first thought. A search on the internet will bring back hundreds of results for kids hiking boots; even Amazon is getting in on this market! But, I wouldn't advise that you buy your kids hiking shoes over the internet, unless it's a trusted brand and/or a company with a very simple return policy, because this is something which they really must try on for comfort and size before you buy.

Many stores stock cheaper and therefore perhaps lower quality, kids hiking boots. Though these are worth considering, you should really check the quality of the shoe before you buy it. If it hasn't been well put together, then the chances are it will start falling apart after only a small amount of use. However, if it looks strong and well made, and the shoe fits, it's worth considering!

If you're comfortable spending a little more money for a great quality boot, then you should consider visiting a sports store or outdoor leisure store. The benefit with these is that, although you're paying more, you can usually be guaranteed that the quality will be very good and you can use the advice and fitting expertise of a knowledgeable sales clerk. A good sales clerk should be able to tell you, for example, which are the best kids waterproof hiking boots in terms of keeping your kids feet dry or which ones are the best kids hiking boots for the type of terrain you'll most frequently be hiking on.

If you can find a pair of kids hiking boots that they're really happy with, then your hiking experience will be a lot of fun and you'll know you've made a worthwhile investment!

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