Wild and Extreme Freestyle Snowboarding Tricks

Have you been looking for the next big thing in riding? Search no further: pulling huge freestyle snowboarding tricks is quickly becoming the most exciting part of the sport. With talented riders like Shaun White and Danny Kass shredding the half pipe at major events like the X Games and the Olympics, inspiration for your own moves is right there on the television screen.

Most freestyle snowboarding moves evolved from skateboarding, the sport's close relative. The two sports share many of the same characteristics, and some of the best athletes in the world compete on both platforms. In general, boardsports (you can add wakeboarding to this category too!) build on each other, so practicing one will improve your ability in the others as well. That's because they all require similar skills: balance, agility, and the ability to quickly adapt to a changing situation. If you can get one down, you'll see drastic improvement in the other.

There are a couple of basic skills you'll want to learn before embarking on your freestyle snowboarding career. First off, you need to know how to ride fakie (sometimes called switch). In concept, this is simple; just turn around, and head down the mountain. In practice, however, riding fakie is pretty tough. Think about it this way: how easy is it to write an essay with your non-dominant hand? Now try applying that as you barrel down the mountain at 25 miles an hour. Being able to ride fakie is super important before you can think about trying your hand at freestyle snowboarding tricks.

Apart from railslides and simple maneuvers like switching from heel to toe (the rough equivalent of a manual on a skateboard, every trick involves air, so you'll need to learn how to both jump and land. Getting off the ground is easy, but you'll need to keep building your height if you want to hit the craziest freestyle snowboarding tricks like 540s and McTwists. For jaw-dropping examples, you only need to go as far as the local half pipe, where you'll find experts hucking unbelievably high aerials.

Instead of looking to a long list of freestyle snowboarding tricks, why not try improvising your own? There's no need to copy others when you have a full store of awesome tricks right in your head. The best time to decide what you're going to do is right before you hit the jump. Exercise some creativity, and you'll find yourself coming up with stuff that the pros haven't even dreamed of!

Riding is a great way to express yourself, and the best way to do it is with fun freestyle snowboarding tricks. Start small, and then work your way up to the big stuff. In other words, don't start with a 1080. Hit the 180 first, and keep adding revolutions as you get comfortable. Never forget that your only competition on the mountain is yourself-as long as you're enjoying your riding, you're a winner.

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